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Water Utilities


Water Utilities

The City of Ruston Department of Water Utilities officially became a separate operating department of the City in 2000 when Mayor Hollingsworth saw the need to separate the Utility Department into two separate departments, Water Utilities and Light & Power. Until that time a single individual was responsible for overseeing all aspects of both Light & Power operations, and water and wastewater operations, but now each has its own director in charge of administrative oversight as well as daily operations.

The Department of Water Utilities oversees four separate divisions:

  • The Water Division is responsible for the production, distribution, and metering of the City’s drinking water supply.
  • The Wastewater Division (or sometimes referred to as the Sewer Department) is responsible for operating and maintaining the sanitary sewer collection system (which includes sewer lift station maintenance), and the wastewater treatment plant.
  • The Mosquito Control Division oversees the annual contract operations for controlling mosquito populations within the City.
  • The Office of Environmental Services administers all programs subject to EPA and LDEQ permits and regulations for the water and wastewater systems, Commercial and Industrial Pretreatment Program, Grease Reduction Program, Household Hazardous Waste Day, Transformer Program, Air Quality, and Stormwater.