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Police Department: Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to pay a traffic ticket?

Traffic tickets can be paid either in the Ruston City Marshal's Office or in the Ruston City Court. Both are located on the second floor of the Ruston City Hall . You should call the marshal's office at 318-255-7788 to find out when and how the ticket should be paid. The Ruston Police Department does not collect fines for traffic tickets.

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Where do I go to pay a parking ticket?

Parking tickets can be paid at the Ruston Police Department between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Parking tickets and fines can also be mailed to the Ruston Police Department at the following address:

Ruston Police Department
P. O. Box 638
Ruston , LA 71273

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My neighbors are always having loud parties late at night. What can I do to stop this?

The Ruston Police Department understands everyone deserves a certain degree of peace and quiet. But at the same time, we also understand that people like to get together and have a good time. For this reason, we try to reach an amicable solution to loud party calls. If you are being disturbed by a loud party, call the Ruston Police on the non-emergency line 318-255-4141 and report it. You will be asked to provide your name and phone number to the dispatcher. This information is necessary in order to provide a legal means for our officers to respond. Your personal information will not be given to those who are having the party - in most cases, the officers who respond to the party will not know who filed the report as that information is generally not given to them by the dispatcher. In some cases, the Ruston Police may only issue a warning to the party host on the first response, depending on the time of day, cooperativeness of the party-goers, and other factors. If a warning does not take care of the problem, then you should call back and report this. If an amicable solution cannot be achieved, then the party will be shut down.

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When do I have to file a report if I've been involved in a motor vehicle accident?

R.S. 32:398 of Louisiana law states "The driver of a vehicle involved in an accident resulting in injury to or death of any person or property damage in excess of five hundred dollars shall immediately, by the quickest means of communication, give notice of the accident to the local police department if the accident occurs within an incorporated city or town or, if the accident occurs outside of an incorporated city or town, to the nearest sheriff's office or state police station."

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How do I get a copy of an accident or incident report?

Accident reports and incident reports can be obtained from the Ruston Police Department between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Reports can be picked up in person or requested by mail. A copy of an accident or incident report carries a fee of $3.00, payable at the time the report is obtained.

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What can I do about barking dogs and animal complaints?

Barking dog and general animal complaints are handled by the City of Ruston Animal Control . They can be reached at 318-251-8685 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (excluding holidays). If the problem occurs after normal business hours and is an emergency, you can call the Ruston Police Department at 318-255-4141, and they will dispatch an Animal Control Officer to handle the call.

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When should I dial 9-1-1 and when should I use the seven-digit non-emergency number to call the Ruston Police?

If you are reporting a crime in progress, an accident, a fire, or any emergency situation where life is in danger, dial 9-1-1. If you are reporting a crime that has already occurred, or reporting anything that is not an emergency, then use the seven-digit non-emergency phone number. For the Ruston Police Department, this phone number is 318-255-4141.

If you accidentally dial 9-1-1, DO NOT HANG UP! Stay on the line and explain to the 9-1-1 dispatcher what happened. You will not be in trouble if you dial 9-1-1 by accident. However, if you simply hang up, a police officer may be dispatched to your home or business to investigate.

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How do I apply to become a police officer?

Go to the Ruston Police Department employment opportunities page to see the job requirements and procedures for applying for employment.

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Where do I go if I have to be fingerprinted for a job application?

You will need to go to the Lincoln Parish Detention Center located at 170 Road Camp Road between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). You should call the Detention Center first to find out what all you will need to bring with you. They can be reached at 318-255-4440. The Ruston Police Department is not set up to fingerprint anyone for a job application.

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Where is the Ruston Police Department located?

The Ruston Police Department is located on the ground floor of the Ruston City Hall.

Streed Address: PO  Box:
401 N. Trenton  St.
Ruston, LA 71270
P.O. Box 2069
Ruston, LA 71273

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How can I compliment or complain about police service or an officer?

The Ruston Police Department is committed to maintaining a high level of professionalism. Citizens are encouraged to bring forward legitimate grievances regarding misconduct by its employees. All complaints against the department or its employees will be thoroughly investigated.

Complaints, regardless of nature, may be lodged in person, by mail or by phone at any time. As part of the follow-up investigative activity, persons making complaints by mail or phone must report for a personal interview whereupon a written, signed complaint will be prepared. Anonymous complaints may or may not be investigated depending upon the severity, frequency, etc. The decision as to if, and how far an investigation will be conducted on an anonymous complaint is the decision of the Chief of Police.

Initial complaints are to be filed with the on duty shift supervisor. If the shift supervisor is unable to resolve a complaint, or the complaint involves another division other than patrol, the complaint will then be referred to the Patrol Commander for further disposition.

Sometimes people make false complaints against police officers or department employees. Citizens should be aware that this could be a violation of Louisiana law depending on the nature of the complaint, and could result in the arrest of the person making the false complaint.

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Do I have to give my name if I give information about a crime?

At any given time police officers are patrolling the streets. The Ruston Police Department relies on its citizens to alert us to any unusual situations. Anytime someone calls, a dispatcher will take the information, ask questions, and decide on the urgency of the call. Officers will respond to every call for service; however when all the officers are busy, calls are answered based on priority. You may report a crime or suspicious activity and remain anonymous.

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Why did it take the police so long to respond when I called?

All requests for police services are assigned by priority, based on seriousness of the incident and the potential for injury or damage to property. At times, calls of a less urgent nature must be delayed so that we can respond immediately to emergencies.

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Does the Ruston Police Department have a citizen "ride-along" program?

No. Our insurance regulations prohibit us from allowing citizens to ride along on patrol.

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One of my relatives was arrested. What can I do to keep his name out of the newspaper?

The arrest of any adult for any offense is considered public record and can be freely obtained by anyone, including the news media. The Ruston Police Department has no control over the release of these public records, nor do they have any control over what is published by the local news media and what is not. Requests to withhold someone's name from publication must be made to the specific news media.

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How do I start or join a Neighborhood Watch program?

You might start with the Ruston Police Department Neighborhood Watch page. You can also contact RPD's training and public information officer for the Ruston Police Department by phone at 318-255-4141.

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If I lock my keys in my car, will the Ruston Police unlock it for me?

The Ruston Police Department will only unlock a vehicle if a true emergency exists in which a life is in danger. All other car door unlocks will be referred to a locksmith.

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Can a person legally shoot fireworks, firecrackers and BB guns inside the city limits of Ruston?

No. The shooting of fireworks, firecrackers and BB guns are all prohibited inside the city limits by a Ruston City Ordinance.

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I received a traffic ticket. What are my options?

If you are guilty of the traffic infraction and would like to pay your fine, you can do so either in the Ruston City Marshal's Office or the Ruston City Court. Both offices are located on the second floor of the Ruston City Hall . You should call the Marshal's Office at 318-255-7788 to find out when to come in and how much the fine will be.

If you feel that you are not guilty of the traffic infraction, you should report to the Ruston City Court on the date and time indicated on your ticket and enter a plea of "not guilty". The City Court will then grant you a trial date in which to present your defense.

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I want to install a burglar alarm in my home or business. Do I need to obtain an alarm permit from the Ruston Police Department?

No. The Ruston Police Department has no specific requirements for obtaining any permit to use a burglar alarm system in either the home or a business.

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