City Court


Criminal/Traffic Department

The City Court presides over traffic tickets when issued by the Ruston Police Department and Louisiana Tech Police. City Court also presides over Criminal Misdemeanors which occur within the City limits of Ruston.

The Criminal/Traffic Department is responsible for maintaining all criminal and traffic charges and records within the city limits, handling inquires concerning court dates and fines, and reporting traffic convictions to the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles.

Civil Department

The Civil Department of the Ruston City Court is responsible for filing, docketing and administering lawsuits while active in the court system. The Ruston City Court enjoys a parishwide jurisdictional monetary limit of $25,000. Typical suits which may be filed in the Ruston City Court include debt collection on open accounts, promissory notes and rent, evictions, contractual disputes and actions in tort for money damages. The Civil Department has fill-in-the-blank forms for standard types of lawsuits available upon request. The subject matter jurisdiction of the Court is limited and one should consult the limited subject matter jurisdiction of the court before filing suit. Civil proceedings involve procedural rules of a technical nature and seek to obtain the enforcement of often complicated substantive rights. It is recommended that one seek the representation and advice of an attorney in all matters prior to filing suit. The Civil Department may not give legal advice.

Probation Department

The Probation Office is responsible for supervising offenders who are placed on probation as part of their sentencing by the Court. The Probation Department maintains probation records for the City of Ruston, stays in contact with all offenders until their probation is complete, performs drug testing, patrols and locates offenders.